Saturday, May 20, 2006

Welcome to my knitting blog.

I've been knitting off and on since H.S. Mostly off. This past year I have knitted everyday and can't stop. It started after reading The Shop on Blossom Street, by Debbie Macomber. I got a sock pattern and knit my first pair. After that, on the first day of summer vacation, 6/2005, (2nd grade teacher) I joined a knitting class and have been knitting ever since.

"The amount of knitting I do directly relates to the amount of stress in my life." I used to say that, but now I can't stop. I have knit so many items, that I can't recall them all.

I love to knit baby things...instant gratification. I'm working on a top down raglan by Carole Barenys at The yarn is a blue multi in DK by FEZA Baby. I happened to spy it at the mill outlet store.
After I took this picture it occured to me that the sweater was way too big for a newborn: 22 inches across. Even though I did a guage swatch something had gone very wrong. Which leads me to the thing I hate about knitting: Ripping Out.
I ripped to under the arms and adjusted the pattern a little: no casting on extra stiches and knit two together twice under each arm. That fixed my problem. The yarn doesn't actually say DK. The sales lady said it was and it is smaller than a worsted. It must be somewhere inbetween.

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