Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Note to self...never felt in the sink, it takes all day!
My washing machine stopped producing hot water a few years ago and at the time I figured that was a good thing, saving fuel etc. Now I find it annoying ever since I had to felt in the sink. Next time I'm using my neighbor's machine. Or, I could pay a plumber 2 weeks worth of groceries and a few tanks of gas to fix it.

before felting 12 by 12 1/2

felting in the sink


lined with pockets

I think it would have shrunk widthwise in the washing machine, but I like it this size. The lining was from a scrap I had and that's my favorite part. I made a small pocket for my phone...one that actually fits my phone, and a pocket for my glasses. Both of those are under the straps for safety. I've been known to sit on my purse. Two other wide pockets on the inside front and back.
Pattern: The Balloon Bag (I didn't use a balloon)
Yarn: Plymouth Galway 100% wool and Idena Fame (I separated the eyelash from the Fame and just used the chenille part. I didn't want the bag fuzzy.)
I found the strap too long for me (probably another sink felting issue) so I cut a few inches off and sewed it on. My straps were off center after felting. I may not attach the straps until after felting next time.

Happy Birthday America!

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