Saturday, April 14, 2007

Too is too much. I didn't realize I hadn't blogged in so long. Must get priorities straight.
I'm going to start my first steeking project. I saw Karen Baumer on Knitty Gritty do one. Now I'm obsessed. What is steeking you ask? It's knitting a sweater in a tube, reinforcing, then cutting an openning for sleeves and front. Mainly for ease of doing Fair Isle without any purling. Great for those of us who dislike the purl. I found a few sites that do a good job of explaining:
See Eunny Knit
Wendy's Knitting
I'm using a Dalegarn Pattern, only for particulars and pattern colors. The sweater pattern will be knit from Yankee Knitter. The reason is that the Dalegarn book uses a size 0 and 2, and the Yankee
pattern uses a 5 and 7.
I read somewhere to knit the sleeves first to get the pattern down and any mistakes won't show as much that way. So, I'll knit a sleeve first and see how it goes mixing the 2 patterns.
I'll have plenty of time to practice and rip, and practice and rip. I'm on vacation this week!!!!
Must do taxes first. Any and all excuses have been my mantra for the past few weeks.

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