Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yea Mr. Postman!! It finally arrived. I'm going to make a few of those cutie pie hats for my cutie pie relatives...young and old.

I signed up for ravelry, not sure what it's all about but "everyone's doing it, Mom". It reminds me of the time a zillion years ago, when Cabbage Patch kids were big. A big shipment had just arrived at the local toy store: Childworld. All the people in the store ran over to the big boxes and were searching for the perfect 'kid'. Well, me too. After I got 3 in my cart I realized I had 3 boys who would not have been happy about my acquisition. I laughed out loud at myself, put the 'kids' back, and laughed all the way home.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Ravelry is a great resource for knitting/crocheting info. I've also made many friends in there, too.

bobbi said...

Oh, I remember the Cabbage Patch Kids and digging for that special one with the right Brithday. LOL!!!!!
and my kids were grown and gone off to college, or whereever.
Those were the days. Now we have different those were the days.