Saturday, October 13, 2007

I went to Dream Dinners this morning and put together 3 six serving meals for cheap. It was an intoductory special. You order your meals ahead of time and then put them together when you go. The one I went to was clean, friendly and the food/ingredients were fantastic. I did have fun too. One crock pot meal and two dinners. I'm sure I'll have left overs. There was one woman who made 72 servings (either 3 or 6 servings per). She said it lasted her 2 months. Check out their site and click on your state. I'll report back after we've tasted.

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bobbi said...

you should do what i do.
eat out every night. LOL!
i really do.
and the crazy thing is i have a viking stove.
i even think it was one of the 1st photos on my blog.