Monday, November 12, 2007

I've been reading about so many knitting projects coming from Interweave Knits, that I went out to find this 'knitting bible'. I hit the jackpot at the mill outlet store. Not only the current issues, fall, holiday, winter, but back issues as well!!! Of course I bought them all! Those items never go out of style. I also bought Knitters magazine. That one is good too. So NOW, I'm done hording patterns, magazines, books. (except one more about Nordic mittens that I will look for when I go to Borders later today, then I will be done for sure, more like done in)

Here is part 1 of my first glitten. I used waste yarn for the thumb and the fingers opening. This one is a hodge podge of patterns using the Generic Norwegian Mitten Chart .

The pattern I'm going to use next is one from Kathy. She has so kindly posted her pattern for Glittens. Go check it out in her side bar. I know you will love it.
This is the Fall Felted Bag Exchange I knit for Soapturtle.

My latest purchase is this computer bag. I couldn't resist it. I don't ever take my computer anywhere and it's always out cuz I use it all the time. I don't take it to work, I have 5 computers at my disposal, one of which is on my desk, and I don't have time to use it anyway. On my recent trip to Washington, I noticed so many people with great computer bags and neat luggage. I needed to have one, just in case. Also, I know somewhere there is a matching 9West purse waiting for me to find it.

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Pamela said...

That bag is sweet!
One of my LYS sells old knitting mags for half price, I have scored some great magazines that way.