Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I won the contest and look at my goodies. Thank you Kristen.

In other news, another snow day yesterday produced great results in the hand made presents column. Sewing and knitting. As usual, I go from one obsession in knitting to another. It's now color stranded mittens, some of which are being turned into glittens.

My cutie patootie will be getting the American Girl Bitty Twins. So, to go with them I lined a big basket for a bed, made 2 blankets, and a pillow. Then I made the same thing for my niece who will also be getting the twins.
Note to self: twins mean 2, 2 of everything, 2sweaters, 2 pants, 2 blankets...what was I thinking? Next time get just one doll. I thought I was getting such a bargain, ha, the joke is on me.

1 comment:

bobbi said...

lucky you, love winning contests
all my granddaughters have AG dolls and the bitty baby. makes buying gifts easy.
happy holidays to you and yours!