Monday, July 28, 2008

Minime went to her first baby shower for a friend...oi vay. So I wipped up my favorite baby sweater in white. I had left over Sidar Snuggly. Never again. There is nothing real in it, no wool, no cotton etc. It looks great and is soft, but working with it was ugh. I am so used to natural fibers, I can't go back.
Somehow I stumbled upon an interesting sewing site. It's called Oliver+S. The patterns use paper dolls to model the designs. Well, I was sold on the outrageously priced cute! I bought 2 and they came today. Each pattern has a cardboard sleeve with a doll and clothing pattern on it. Also, separate dolls and clothes. I'll be working on these for Cutiepatootie.

Speaking of Cutiepatootie, her father bought a motorcycle...OMG. Another thing to worry about. He came by to show it off. So big. A few more grey hairs.

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