Thursday, August 21, 2008

MiniMe and I went on our first college road trip. We went to see/tour UMassAmherst. I know, partyschool. I told her every school is a party school, etc., etc. As we were walking around I said out loud, "I want to go here". MiniMe said, "me too". She has been so bla-zay about colleges, that I was shocked and thrilled that I managed to jump start her. I wish we had gone while she was a junior. It may have prevented that junior slump in her GPA. Spilt milk. She's all jazzed to go now and to work hard to raise her GPA before it's too late.
On our way there (1 3/4 hrs...more like 2+hrs due to my navigation skills. I had googled a map, directions, and used my GPA. One can't be good at everything) anyway, on our way there we both thought then laughed about when Rory and Lorelai went to visit Harvard. That's Gilmore Girls, our favorite show, for those of you who don't know. I'm so lucky to have a girl that doesn't despise me 24 hours a day. I relish the few minutes we have fun together. We'll go to see other schools, but not experience what we did today...2 girls on a road trip.

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Kathy said...

OH! That mother/daughter friendship thing - it's just the best! My daughter and I have always been very close and our friendship is one of the things I cherish most in life. Enjoy!

It's nice that she has a focus now. Makes working for that goal so much easier.

My son had his eyes set on a very small, very competitive liberal arts college. He worked hard, and got some great academic scholarships (thank goodness!). My daughter on the other hand, always wanted to attend the University of Iowa. Different strokes..... They both enjoyed their college experiences. Course my son's continued for many years and many more institutes of higher learning, but I THINK he's finally done now!! Can you say "Professional Student"?