Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chapter 5 Emmanuel College.
The only gated college in Boston. I think I like that, not sure. The best part was that they treated us very parking in their lot!!!! So the trip started on a good note. Lots of talking at us which we haven't gotten yet in all our travels. I told Minime all colleges have that to say, but most don't want to scare off any potential victims by boring them to death. We brought a friend and both girls liked the experience, which I was surprised about. I think it sounded better than HS to them. Emmanuel was first on her list and it has now moved to 2nd with Suffolk coming in first.
Oh, did I mention they fed us delicious goodies and au bon pain coffee??
The college belongs to the COF...colleges of the Fenway, a consortium of 6 colleges where the kids can cross register. Simmons, Emmanuel, Wentworth, MA College of Art, Wheelock, MA College of Pharmacy, one more,(?).
Another sucsessful road trip if you overlook the price tag........$40,000
Pictures later.

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Kathy said...

Oh.... did your post bring back memories! Our son always wanted to go to a small liberal arts college...and had several picked out. He finally chose Grinnell college, here in Iowa. A VERY good school. That was his first degree.... LOL. He is (finally) done with school - being a Physical therapist now. Our daughter always wanted to go to the large University of Iowa. She graduated, went right to work, and is doing very well for herself. Different paths for different folks.

Your daughter will know it when she finds the right one. Enjoy this time with's priceless!