Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yes, I know. What do I need 2 Baggallini bags for? I returned one and had no regrets. If I had not bought the extra messenger bag I would have obsessed over it until I couldn't live without it. Then I'd waste gas to go buy it, only to return it today.

Here is the reason I have stress: It took me 2 hours to type my plans for math this week. TWO HOURS FOR SECOND GRADE MATH!!!! Ridiculous and a waste of time, but that is what is expected. If I don't, I hear about it in nasty sticky notes and 'stern talking to'. When ever anyone in the same district finds out where I work, they step away worried something will rub off on them. "Oh, I've heard of her, she's the one that (fill in the blank). That's too bad. Why don't you transfer?"
Good thing I knit, sew, and bead now.....and Kindle!!!

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