Thursday, December 04, 2008

Did I mention the Posh Yarn is sooo soft?? I'm making glittens for my soon to be I hope daughter-in-law. No wedding plans, just 8 years together and a recent psychic visit. I'm using the Cigar gloves and then attaching a top. A bit assendbackwards.

Look what came in the mail. SockPixie yarn. It is scrumpcious. The colors are incredible and all natural from berries or some such thing. Local too, if you live here. She gets inspiration for the colorway from a famous painting, or at least this weeks and last weeks colors. I have another 3 on order and should be here soon. During December, when you order 3, you get a small bag that goes with the colorway! You can see mine in the back of the yellow.
There is a knitalong swap coming up for Valentines Day. It's at Ravelry on SockPixie Circle. The pattern is for fingerless gloves. Go check it out.

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Kathy said...

Gorgeous colors!