Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moose Loves Roses is hurting my wrists. It's the two color work with small needles. Oh, how unfair it all is. Solution: only do a few rows at a time and use it as an afterthought project.
No new spinning adventures. Waiting for the ridiculous amount of fiber I ordered from David. I haven't even remotely mastered the spindle. I have no business buying fiber. What am I going to do with it anyway? Spin? I'm afraid it will end up looking pretty in my stash
Wedding Bells are ringing......tra la, tra la.
Son #2: A, and 8 year long girl friend: K. We are all very happy and excited. No date yet. I've been waiting for diet motivation, and I get a new daughter t'boot!!


Carol said...

Your mittens are looking good.
I have not done any spinning either....I did take it out and take a picture and now it is back in the bag....
A nice....we are anxiously waiting for Great Grandson to make his appearance..

Kathy... said...

Well, the mittens are looking fantastic....even though they may be problematic to your wrists. I have knuckle problems from time to time, and have finally given up crochet (the rotation gets to my wrists very quickly). Hmmmm....guess I must admit that I am getting older.... grrr

But..on the bright side, older-age brings children in law and grand babes someday (possibly) so congrats to you and all of yours on that engagement!

And - watching your spinning progress. Better in your stash than mine :) I am a spinner wannabe, however!