Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's the stuff out of an old movie: big family gathering, lots of noise, laughter, horse play, good food, craziness.  That's what Sunday was...finally.  I've waited a long time for a complete family gathering with Cutiepatootie included. It was exhausting.  I loved it.  Looking forward to the next time.  I told husband we have to get rid of some clutter....people need a place to sit. 

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Sarah, The New Girl said...

that sounds lovely :) all my favorite family gatherings are really, really loud!!

thanks for the blog compliments-- I just flipped through yours, and my goodness! I also have a Mac and love it-- hopefully you will too! Congrats on the engagement! Most importantly, of course, I hope your husband is feeling better... I've never known anyone with sepsis but I'm sure he's happy to have you there taking care of him. My thoughts are with you!!