Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday, March 28    The  beauty of the Boston Globe's readership is what's causing it's demise.
I am concerned by the recent closings of major daily newspapers. The newspaper is a staple, like milk and eggs. What kind of a cook are you without those ingredients? What kind of a citizen are you without a daily newspaper?  Go ahead and read your paper on line and be one of those.. I'msavingmoney,time,trees,andit'seasierpeople!  
This cannot go by the way of the pressure cooker, the clothes line, the corner candy store. These and so many I haven't mentioned are memories from my childhood that have been tossed aside. Yes, there still are pressure cookers and clothes lines, but not like it used to be.  I digress.
Slow down people. Read a real news paper, not a news screen. Get your fingers inky on a Sunday morning while you read the paper and drink coffee.
How do you news screen people read the funnies to your small children?? Doesn't the computer get in your way when you sit on the couch together? Doesn't the screen get out of focus and gooey when the itty one says  'I read it to you mommy' ?
It will get pretty expensive to line your birdcages with laptops and difficult to start the fire with paper towels.
Here is a compromise, read your news on line, but keep buying the 'paper'.(All you needed to say was, "the paper", and everyone knew what you were talking about) You may need it to line your bird cage, read a funny story out loud to someone, cuddle on the couch while you read the funnies to your children/grandchildren, cut out articles to stick on the refrigerator or give them to your daughter so she can identify a bad relationship, send box scores to a Yankees relative showing the Red Sox in first place.
Sorry your connection is down, would you like me to read you the newspaper?

The Globe's Here!

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