Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A relative of this guy came to visit room 109 yesterday. It made its entrance through holes in the window screen. Right away hysteria ensued and a breakdown of any semblance of order. You would have thought Santa had stopped by. (most of them still believe) Whooping and hollering ensued as well as head dunking and hiding under desks. 
Fast forward to today. Mister Wasp had waited all night for us to return. I suppose he was waiting for a repeat performance. 
For awhile things were ok with the occasional head swerve and blank stares. After lunch our visitor had had enough of the rugrats. He started swooping around the room, even coming down to their level. The little ones were all whipped up into a lather, that and the temp in our room was 90 degrees. (We record it everyday, so they all knew it).             
 Enter the next picture. Homeward Bound is one of Minime's and my favorite movies. She could
recite all the parts as she watched back when she was 5.
Back to today.  
I grabbed the new
spaper, charged after Mr. Wasp, and started to recite one of my favorite scenes from the movie. 
me: "does a rolled up newspaper mean anything to you?"
Of course the kids had no idea what I was saying and I had to explain the phrase, the movie, the title, and yes, you can rent it at Blockbuster...oh my!
Here it is incase you care.
Shadow: [growls at Chance as he noses the turkey
Chance: Oh, back off, old man! You were just jealous cos I smelled it first. 
Shadow: Would a rolled up newspaper mean anything to you? 
Chance: No. Why? 
Shadow: [barks
Chance: All right! Okay! I just wanted to... smell it. 
Shadow: [barks
Chance: ...to make sure it was safe for people. 
Shadow: I'm keeping my eye on you, pup. 
Chance: Yeah, well I'm just gonna go mingle. 

I did manage to injure the critter and when he appeared out of hiding I smacked him. All done.
One of the kids started yelling at one point, "there's 2 of 'em". She was seeing the huge shadow on the window shade. so funny. I decided to let it go and keep the funny to myself. 
Here's more chatter from the peanut gallery:
"Let's make honey"
"Can we?"
"That's not a honey bee, stupid."
"She swore at me!"
"Stupid is not a swear, Mrs. P told me that yesterday".
"It's a wasp! They sting! Aaaaaa!"
"My cousin got a mosquito bite last night."
"Me too. I got 35 bites yesterday."
"Mrs. P told me to put toothpaste on it."
"On the wasp?"
ME: "Safety First!!!!"

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