Monday, June 29, 2009

Another 'last' in our house. Minime's graduation party. That makes 4 in all. Good friends, family, food. 
I've been working on a baby sweater in Plymouth Baby Bunny. I have made this sweater many times so I don't know why I'm running out of yarn. I even cut down on the stiches...ugh. I got the yarn from Dizzy Sheep, and being so cheap, I don't want to order it full price from somewhere else. If you haven't visited Dizzy, it runs one item every day on sale. Just one item. Sometimes yarn, fiber, needles, kits. 
My real first day of vacation! Ahhh, let's, relaxing, reading, soaps in real time, some facebook, cooking dinner and dessert, did I say shopping??? No cleaning, already did a herculean job for the party. 

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bobbi said...

enjoy your t-shirt.
waiting to see the pic of the sweater.