Monday, January 18, 2010

I may have a new treat-to-eat. Did you know that the Valentine Candy Conversation Hearts have only 1 carb? uhem...1g of sugar. I read it at a fellow Dblogger's page: Sugarbetic.
It's true. I can portion control to my conversation-hearts content with those suckers. 5ish in a little baggie = 5ish carbs. I may have to get rid of the 'ish' and stick to 5.
In any other winter Monday I would have a snow day today, which would be 'hurray!'. Today is already a day off, thank you Dr. King for all you did and making the 3rd Monday in January a holiday for us in Massachusetts.
Minime is going back to school in a few hours :(
I still have a few things to finish knitting. mittens for roommate-check, wool socks-check, scarf-check, warm twinned mittens-almost done, hugs-after the mittens, heavy insides-check.

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