Thursday, April 29, 2010

As I was clicking around the D-blogs, I stumbled upon this: Blood Sugar 101. Did you ever have a bad day(s) and then pop? Well, that was my pop. I have recently read a lot of chatter by some Type1's that have been rather nasty to T2's. Well, I just became aware of the negative comments....fatty's have T2.....T2's caused their condition.....stop complaining T2's...yes, it's not nice. It bummed me out for awhile. After reading Jenny, I feel better. Will I take her advice? No, I have Dr. Clay for that and my Nutritionist. Will I read it and feel better about my efforts for the past 3 months? YES!
Enough ranting.
Good news! 35 more days of school! I can hardly wait. I'm stressed and overworked and tired. Their final progress test is coming up and god forbid someone called them a name, or tattled, or no breakfast, or a drippy nose, a mosquito bite, etc... Ugh.

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Karen said...

What????? That is totally unacceptable!! Tell me what T1s are saying that and I'll go over and smack them good!! I thought everyone knew diabetes is not our fault - no matter which type you have. Grrrr. It's like if a bunch of knitters said crochet is not a craft - I'd have to go beat them up too!!