Friday, July 29, 2011

Two of my summertime activities have been in the crapper because of the torn ligament. Driving is a big one, although I can drive if I don't take the happy pill, then I won't be happy, more like down right obnoxious to myself and others. The not driving means no shopping...$#&&*&^%!! Shopping in the summer is a major activity for me. I can't stand being driven, because the driver then has to wait for me. Shoppers don't like having someone waiting for them.

The second activity is cleaning....ok, I'm not that upset about it, but still, I tend to save big cleaning projects for the summer.

Today I was going to put a picture of a torn miniscus for you to see, they were all too gross. I did find this: Freezie Wrap!! I want one, right this minute! Doesn't it look great?! I have been thinking about taking a large ice pack and using some kind of wrapping to go around my knee. The Freezie Wrap even has velcro.

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