Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Vacation Mom

Vacation Mom is in. That always makes me think of Lucy and her Psychiatrist Stand.
I can't find a bakery near me. The supermarket bakery doesn't cut it neither does Dunkin Donuts, probably because they don't know how to spell dunking and doughnuts. Why do I need a bakery? I'm allergic to sugar. Still, I need a good bakery. I want muffin tops and cupcake tops, a rich chocolate cake with frosting that you don't want to scrape off, the kind of chocolate cake that doesn't want milk. I want a special bakery that will make special cakes for special times. I'll put that on my long list of summer activities.

Here's a nice half pi with a simple edging. The yarn is from the huge cone of sock yarn I bought at Webs. As of now, a Bridgewater and a 1/2 Pi, with plenty of yarn left on the spool. I love the half Pi, I'm thinking of a few more: Apple Pi ala mode, Blueberry Pi, Boston Cream Pi... yum (bakery theme...hmmm)
I've been on vacation for 1 week and 2 days. I can't even list all the things I've accomplished. Funny how 3 in the afternoon takes on a whole new meaning when I'm not in school.
Here's a sample: Banners! I love em! They'll be gifted to a sweet little girl when she becomes the 'big sister'.
The fabric is from Ikea and was screaming to be made into little flags.

Sewing also takes on a whole new twist in the summer. It's so "too much" to take on during the school year. I've already eyed a few patterns, gone through my stash, and been to JoAnn's Fabric.

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km said...

Well, I've got a dessert for you. It's not low fat, but is certainly sugar free. When my dad was still here, we had 3 diabetics at family get-togethers. I started making these. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/cream-puffs/detail.aspx You can use sugar free pudding in the filling. They're amazing!. They look super cute if you nestle each one in it's own cupcake paper. Or you can stack them in a pyramid on a footed cake plate. Either way...no one will miss the sugar. I hope you like them.

Ps...use fresh eggs or the puffs don't puff up well.