Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Vacation mom is quilting. A simple patchwork using 2 colors, lined in the purple...it's purple not blue. The yellow has the same purple in a stripe. The photo shows a perfect match, the only one :)
The squares are 6 inches. There are 2 reasons the squares are not even. 1st: I may have cut too many pieces at once, I know I did. 2nd: I used a selvage on my machine that I never use and then forgot and went back to a wider one. duh, I love it anyway.
Usually when I quilt I tie it. This one will be machine quilted, an allover free whatever. I have a walking foot and a quilting thingy. I was about to do it this afternoon but, I got the bug to head over to Joann's. I bought fabric for 2 more quilts, yippie!!! I can hardly wait. I must wait! I will wait. Oh boy. All of it is in the wash.

Here are the shorts that go with the top for Cutiepatootie. btw They both fit.

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