Friday, October 21, 2011

Here's my day:
Me: "When you see _ck at the end of a word it says /k/."
I write the letters one at a time on the white board and...
Me: "What's the sound, ..../p/
what's the sound, ..../i/
what's the sound, ... /ck/
what's the work,...pick."
repeat for lots of small ck words, then:
we do J-a-ck.
This is what I hear all week in a small cute toothless voice:
Yack, I like Dyack, Yack is a pirut, Yack, ha,ha, I have d yack moobie, Yack is d pirut.
Me: "Phonics is over for today"
Ahhhhh, gotta love it.

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