Sunday, August 27, 2006

I went to my first estate sale on Cape Cod and I'm hooked. The deceased was a crafty lady. I got there at the end of the second day and there were still 2 big boxes of knitting patterns. When I walked into the tiny craft room, my mood lifted like it does when I first enter a Marshalls. I love the vintage patterns. One booklet was from 1946 called, Fleisher Fashions, vol.75, $0.35. It has a pattern for a Soaker. It's a cloth diaper cover. Not very practical today unless you use cloth diapers and are willing to change the soaker every time the little one pee's.
I made another felted bag. I used the washer in the 'Little House' we stayed in this past week. What a difference felting in a washing machine!! No more sink for me. (until next time) A large rectangle big enough for my purse, lunch and school stuff. I used a yarn with no name from the mill. It's a tweed in different colors. I'll be buying more this Tuesday. Hub Mills has a 20% off sale from 8/29 to 9/15. I'll be making another one for our family Yankee Swap.

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Carine said...

Good find!