Friday, August 31, 2007

I gave my Red Sox tickets to DS#3. He texted me and said he was 100 feet from 3rd base, 'sweet'. Is there anything better than making your children happy?? Maybe a few things. I was pretty happy today when I went school clothes shopping. I used a birthday gift card from DS#1, DDinlaw, and my cutie patootie. I also got beautiful flowers, jewelry, an enormous mum and lobsters from the rest of my litter.
I've spent the last few days writing 24 names on folders, tags, and notebooks. I know the names, but not the faces. They'll be there Tuesday...and so it begins.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Wow, great Sox tix!

Have fun at school this week. I always used to love going back, mostly so I could wear my new clothes and carry my new office supplies.

Dorothy said...

Good luck with the start of school!

Did you watch yesterday's game? DH woke me up to see the 9th inning of the no-hitter! Hooray for the Sox!

bobbi said...

your such a good mommy. making your children happy is a wonderful thing, almost as good as making your grandchild happy.
Teachers RULE!