Sunday, August 26, 2007

I was graduated from physical therapy this week and have come to this conclusion: Ice is your friend. After 13 visits I have been declared to have a stronger core and that is a good thing. I asked why I didn't look any different from the front or behind of my humor was noted. So now all I have to do is keep up the program and I will be able to go about my life relatively free from back pain.
I am using a new puter and having trouble getting used to it. It's all about the pecking order. It started when DH finally figured the computer worth while for communication(email only). That put a crimp in my style because he was always sitting at it and my computer became shared with one who hogs things. Then, DD bought a Mac desk top...her Dell lap top went to DS#3 (who has been without a computer for awhile, but that's another story)...I bought a newish laptop for DS#3...he gave me the Dell laptop...and DH now has his own to hog.
Now I'm tired after explaining that. The point being that the cursor is often going places I don't want it to. Sometimes it's sensitive and other times not. I've tried to use the external mouse but it doesn't always work........conclusion: I somehow ended up at the bottom the pecking order.


bobbi said...

i'm a mac user, we don't find many of us around
hope DH likes her mac

bobbi said...

hope DD likes her mac