Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's rugrats are mangeable. A few live wires, but I'm able to short their circuits when necessary.
The best thing about making a bag: the working yarn fits in the bag as you knit it!!!
After all the bags I've made I just figured this out. I hope my secret felted bag pal likes red tweed. I'm thinking of lining it with lots of pockets. These bags go so fast that the lining will probably take more time than the knitting.
I have found that the #1 problem with blogging is it takes over my knitting time. Posting not so much, but surely the reading of all of those blogs in my favorites. I had originally listed the ones I read regularly on my blog. It got to be such a large list that I can't list them all. You'd think I had enough to do without reading blogs so telling me to get a life will fall on very busy nonblogging ears.


bobbi said...

Reading blogs is a full time job.
i'm looking forward to seeing the felted bag, and lined to boot, wow!

NH Knitting Mama said...

I completely understand what you mean about blogging. I am honored that I am on your list that you have on your blog page!

Anonymous said...

Wow a red tweed bag sounds gorgeous - I can't wait to see it!

- Your FFBE Secret Pal!

Claudia said...

I cannot stop laughing! I've been making bags for a while myself and to find out from YOU that I could have been using the inside of my bag for my working yarn?!!!! Oh brother. Wizard, please give me a brain!


Thank you for a GREAT idea!

Dorothy said...

I have the same issues - blogging has COMPLETELY interfered with actual knitting. On the upside, it's less expensive - nothing to buy!

wrchili said...

I agree with you about blog reading taking over your knitting time. I started out with just a small list that I read regularly, and it just keeps growing, and I always feel bad when I skip a day. Good luck with the bag. That's a great idea about sticking the working yarn in the bag as you knit. I always shy away from bags, because I'm intimidated about having to put a lining in it. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Well, I feel quite honored to be on your list of blogs on your sidebar. Thank you for that!

I have the same issue with blog reading vs. knitting. You know what, I get so much enjoyment from connecting with my bloggy friends that I have stopped beating myself up about it. Enjoy!