Tuesday, September 18, 2007

MRI here I come...with 2 Xanax on the rocks. The back doc will be giving me a shot or two of cortisone. I thought it was a simple office visit, no. He needs an MRI and an ultrasound.
It's an open MRI. I've tried the closed tube one, and crawled out. Even this open one will be tough, cuz it's my low back. I may ask to go in feet first.

For some reason I often show up right before a place closes to shop. Usually I have enough time but never have I showed up and there's nothing left to buy. That's exactly what happened this weekend. We went to get fresh apples, veggies, etc. and nothing was left. Except for tomatoes, which I DO NOT need. I feel like I'm turning into a tomato, and they're all over my counters and island in the kitchen. I can't give them away fast enough.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Good luck with the MRI. I have not had one, but understand that they can be stressful for folks that are claustrophobic.

Maybe you should do some canning or home-made tomato sauce!

bobbi said...

good luck with the MRI
this time of the year there are so many tomatoes around. JUICE IT! LOL!

Linda said...

I hope your MRI was OK..let us know how it turned out.