Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm back to socks. It took awhile to find a toe up without wraps, crazy cast ons, and so much figuring that I have to get out my calculator. There were many suggestions from Ravelry, but no basic easy-no thinking required recipie. Of course the pattern was in front of me all the time in the Socks, Socks, Socks book. Page 73. I'm lovin' the pattern so far and already have made notes to customize it for the next pair.

Speaking of Ravelry...go check out Up With Toes! group. Aiy ya ya! So many rules, ha. People, it's a social, get it? I did join, just to see some in-fighting. I know it's coming soon. I may be banned for my last few remarks, but I didn't see any rules about 'dissing on your blog'.

Oh, and yes, I Am having a wonderful relaxing mental health day. The house is quiet, sunny, a bit too cold, but husband started the wood stove before he left. I'm trying to keep focused on the puter screen and/or knitting, so I don'tsee the rug that needs vacuming, the clutter around me, the dirty dishes, laundry, brought home school work, etc.

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