Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Still on vacation and enjoying every minute.
Wanda Wallaby now has her pouch and I am zipping around and around. For those of you not familiar with the Wallaby: Wallabys come in different names/sizes and is knit in rounds. I'm making Wanda (size 2) and Willie (size 4). They will be matching hoodies for my niece and nephew in San Francisco.
The yarn is a sample from Moloyarn. It's called Sample, not much more info. Superwash 8 ply. I googled Moloyarn and not much luck tracing the source.
It's grey and teal. Pictures soon.

You know I'm on vacation when I'm not up on news.
Husband just showed me the front page of today's Globe. Barack won Wisconsin yesterday, whoowhoo! Sorry to any Hillary dems out there. I have tried and just can't get past the '92 election. The lies and mistruths, the cheating and disloyalty. Blood runs thicker than water.
Alison is having a contest, Daffodil Daze.
I could wait 2 months for my daffodils to emerge or buy them.
A snow storm may brewing, but my daffodils say Spring. As long as I can bring them home, let it snow.

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Allison said...

Thanks for playing! Love the Daffodils - pretty photos. Also let me know when they pop out of the ground. Enjoy the rest of vacation. I'm going to have to find this Wallaby pattern