Thursday, March 06, 2008

Back to work today, and not a moment too soon. The rugrats missed me except for the 3 who fisticuffed as we were going to a very important standardized test. Good grief. Fighting is very nasty business, I highly disapprove. It did get 1 suspended for a few days and the others out of the classroom. The rest of the day was quite peaceful.
I knitted an afterthought heel on my toe-up. I finally made a sock that fits me. It only took a 8ish pairs of socks, websites, and sock books to get it right. Worth it all.


sherriknits said...

Once you get that sock that fits, there is no turning back....they are so worth the struggle!
Glad you're back to work, I relate to it because my daughter is a teacher and the stories I hear.... !!! lol

Teresa C said...

You are a saint.

sherriknits said...

You asked if I was using magic, I use 2 circs. It seems to be my preferred method.