Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Home sick today with a nonupchuckingstomachbug. Just enough to feel ugh and tired. Good day to knit and read. (listen, that is)
Watched The Jane Austen Book Club, and yup, I started with Emma. Husband bought the big complete hardcover. "Only $12!!", he loves to get a bargain, especially in jumbo economy sizes. The plan is, I read it at night and he reads it during the day.
I also downloaded it from Libivox for commuting.
I subscribed to Lime and Violet in iTunes. Haven't listened to any yet. Anyone out there listen to the ladies?? Fans?

Wanda Wallaby is done, Willie Wallaby is up to his pouch. They need to get across the country by the 25th. Plenty of time.

File this under, 'they say the darndest things'. As I was making a chart of things we know about owls, a hand went up: How do owls have babies? WTF I thought I was safe. Then: Do they have regular poop? How do they lay their eggs? Me: let's put that under the 'L' for what we want to learn, oh, look at the clock, time for phonics.
See what I'm missing today?

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NH Knitting Mama said...

Hi, there! I got your comment on my blog, and I have to tell you. I don't know where I find time, but it's starting to catch up with me. The yarn business is doing well, and it's getting harder to balance that with a family and full time job!