Thursday, June 19, 2008

So many parts of me hurt. I hate moving. I especially hate moving in school, because in another 2 or so years the powers that be will have a 'new' master plan and move me again. On a good note, my new room has a walk in closet (miniroom) with steel shelves to store all my crap till next time. Even though I label the boxes I still won't be able to find my pencil sharpener, my special first week activities, flat stanley, my cursive book, my 'how to choose a just right book' anchor chart, etc. I could go on..... and on. I'm so organized, that I can't find a thing.
I have been seeing so many beautiful knitted creations lately on blogs. It hasn't inspired me to pick up my needles. I think that day has come that I am too tired, too stressed to knit. I never thought it would happen. Knitting has always been my stress salvation. I hope to find my knot again.

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