Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's hot. The newish school I work in has a broken airconditioner. You may say poohoo, lots of schools don't have a/c. When a school is built for a/c temperature control, it's not built for cross breezes. 96 degrees in my room on Monday, 96 degrees on Tuesday, 88 degrees today. Add to that, 23 hot breathing kids...ugh.
The fan was my only salvation. Not to be gross, but I was soaked through.

I found a great site. Free patterns from Burda, plus how to's and more. That's sewing patterns. Not trashy like so many free sites are. I have made 3 charlie bags already, working on a fourth, and one ordered by a friend.


Kathy said...

I would never poohoo someone's lack of A/C!! I am all about being cool, collected and comfortable. So - I totally feel for you!

Thanks for the Burda link. Gotta go check it out...

Allison said...

Good luck staying cool - I know how crazy it can get when everyone gets hot and cranky! Belated congrats on the 17th birthday - I know what you mean about how fast they grow.