Saturday, September 06, 2008

The red polish was not doing it for me anymore, and it didn't go with my red sandals that make me tall. Just for fun I tried something new. A coworker did this in red and I loved it.

Just finished some LR valances made out of a rayon with a blue string running through it. I love them. I never had white on the windows and will be painting the walls white. The new damask blue slipcover is coming along...very close to being done. It is easier to get a new couch, but this one was the first piece of funiture my parents bought together. It came from Barbo's back 50ish years ago. It's also the couch I did gymnastics on when I was little. I pretended the arm was a balance beam and did lots of poses on it. That may be why that arm is shaky now. DS#3 strapped the arm to the frame so it's not too bad anymore. Am I too sentimental ?

The Fabric Fix in Manchester had it's annual tent sale last month and that's were I got the white string fabric. I splurged on it and spent $2 a yard. The rest of my purchase was $1 a yard. Most of it is here. Missing is a cotton knit, stretch jersey knit (3 of them) and 2 bolts of lining at $1 a bolt. A few other things like ribbons and quilted corduroy for a bedspread. I think that was it.

I went to Ikea for the first time last week. I loved it! I especially love this tree fabric. The one I wanted was out of stock. You know what that means. Yes, another trip...yea!

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