Monday, October 13, 2008

Da problum is dat I wok in a petrie disth. Ebery Oct. I get da plague.
Enough of my sick talk, it's too hard to type. Especially, being a teacher, it hurts my eyes and ears to make so many mistakes. I am so sick of being sick. Of course not sick enough to be in bed, just sick enough to stay on the couch and have people ask me to do stuff.
I will surely open the window a crack for the rest of the year. I will blame Ben Franklin when the next parent comes by and says it's cold. The durn window weighs a ton and I need 3 kiddos + me to open it. God forbid we should lose one of the rugrats out the window...a whole 2 feet down.
Yesterday I went on my yearly boat trip up the Merrimack River. I don't like boats because too many bad things happen on a boat. Have you ever heard a good boat story?? No, they are all ridiculously funny to the listener and horrifying to the teller. There are exceptions to that rule and here is one:
The husband has had far too many misadventures on his many boats, on Cape Cod oceans, lakes, ponds, and rivers. Once he lit the river on fire, but I digress. This time he put the boat in forward and turned to look back at the river. He has a pontoon boat(safer it was agreed by all) so it was just put-put-putting along. As I was about to say something about keeping your eyes in the direction you are going ( it works for 7 year olds) we heard a loud crunching. We had run over a barrel and its chain.
(Jump to the end:) He has his feet hooked over one of the seats while trying to undo the chain and I thought he was safe. Wrong. He goes assoverteakettle into the river. I used all my strength to not fall over laughing. He gets back in the boat and empties his pockets. He's a pro at that since he's always falling into the water.
I hear, "Ooops, another cell phone".
Even though it's chilly, he is determined to go for a "nice ride on the boat". Off we go into the sun, me nice and warm....him, dripping wet.
By now I'm laughing hysterically and wheezing myself tired. No wonder I'm sick today. After telling minime and she stops laughing, she says: one day he was just looking into the water and he fell in. (no cell phone that day)

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