Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 2...home sick.
Still sick here and not loving being home. Being home is suppose to be a good thing, but when the whole face head hurts, no where is good. Then when I get back to school it'll take a day to get the rugrats back into my ways, stuff will be everywhere, papers to catch up on and I'll be discombobulated. Is it worth staying home? I have to feel quite bad/gross/yuck/nasty/hurting to stay home.
I'm hoping Dr.Clay gives me some good drugs today and I can resume my life soon.

Did anyone see the debate last night? I stayed up to watch it which was probably not such a good idea considering my condition, but i had slept till noon and really wanted to see it. If you've been reading my blog you know I'm a political junkie due to birth, and can't wait for the election.
As I think back, Election Day was like a really big holiday in my family. Planning, anticipating, shopping, work until you drop, and celebrating IT was what we did. Family traditions are wonderful.
Husband is going to meet Barack Obama this morning (without the sick, ugh)
I gave him my new red camera, I hope it comes back dry. I don't think he'll be near water.

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Kathy said...

Hi there.... trying to get caught up on blog reading today. Hubby is gone - so lots of free time! Love it!

Sorry to find you sick, however. Hope by now, you are feeling much better.

I saw the debate! More recently, I saw Meet the Press, and Colin Powell's endorsement of Senator Obama. That should make an impression on folks.....

He is coming to Iowa this week. I will probably not go (what with BG and all) but nice to have him stop by.

Get healthy!