Thursday, October 09, 2008

A little pink package came in the mail yesterday. It came from across the pond. Of course it was yarn. Not just any yarn, Posh Yarn!!! So delicious. The smell is incredible. Like a yarn animal, a farm, a natural smell that makes me think how things smelled a long time ago. I will be buying more.
Now that September is over (I used to love September) I am able to do more than plop on the couch and veg till bedtime. Teaching is so complicated now. Also not as fun as I remember it to be. No having fun, even in 2nd grade. No artsy stuff. The wheels of education reform are twisting backwards. We still have the 7 year old whose development has not advance in 50+ years. My class took a standardized test and one of the questions was division! I could go on, but it's better for my stress level to stop.

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