Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This is what I saw Friday morning. The ice storm from hell, only there is no ice there. It knocked out power to hundreds of thousands for days and counting.

Our tree is up, with lights, no ornaments yet. Here it is.

Good Grief Charlie Brown, I love it. Husband brought it home. It's no surprise he didn't pay for it. He was asked to "cut down that eyesore". The lights help and I'm sure by the time the ornaments are hanging, it'll be beautiful. Seriously, I do love it, it's quirky. It beats the time we cut 2 scrawny trees down and strapped them together.


bobbi said...

a tree with love, lots of love.
i like it also
i'm looking forward to seeing it all decorated.

Kathy said...

I LOVE your tree. I am all about having a unique and personal Christmas tree. I hate those perfectly shaped ones....plus, where do you put the ornaments....no open places for them to hang down. So, I for one, LOVE it!! It will look beautiful I am sure!