Sunday, January 18, 2009

That blue squiggely thing is a sock. A not on purpose felted sock. A not on purpose felted sock that son#3 put in the dryer for me. I'm so lucky. For scale is my presidents pen.

My second mitten for the NaKnimitsmitthing-a-ma-jig. Fetching in CEY Princess, med gray for Minime. I started yesterday and finished today.
I left out the picot edge thanks to all the comments about it being too floppy. The picture does not do it justice.
It has been snowing all day. A blanket of lovelyness.
The quiet of the snow has given me the opportunity to ponder the next few days in Washington. As I think about all the hoopla, it gives me a sense of pride in America, and a feeling that things will be allright.
I gave my inauguration tickets to son #2. 3million people +me don't add up. I'll be watching the festivities on HD having a quiet celebration.


Carol said...

I just love the Fetching mitts. I made two pair at Christmas and my granddaughter wants another pair.

Kathy... said...

Well - the "sock" is a lovely shade of Blue! Too bad...... :(

The mitts look wonderful!

I already have my reservation for the inauguration....on my couch! Love that HD!

Anonymous said...

Too bad about your sock! It's nice that your son wanted to help out with the laundry though. :)
I am going to try a pair of those mitts, they look so neat.