Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Husband is in the hospital with Sepsis. A bacterial infection in his blood. He's been sick since Saturday, in the ER, sent home, called to go back to the ER the next day. (Sorry about my short hand) Once he gets released, he has to go back twice a day for IV meds for 6ish weeks. I think he'll be let out tomorrow, no more fever and the confusion is gone.
Does anyone have experience with Sepsis?? Share please.

In other news:
Been knitting and knitting away on the Moose Loves Roses mittens. It's very slow, but fun to see the pattern emerge.
Fetching --Posh Chunky Alpaca
Fetching --Noro Kochran
Mittens --Noro Kochran
I ordered a drop spindle, can't wait for it to appear. It's a beginner one with a little roving. Bellewether, the learn to spin kit.
School vacation soon...two more days.
Good news about school, I know, I usually don't share the good. Most of my rugrats showed growth on the MAP test. Measures of Academic Progress. That is huge, really big for me and how the big cheese treats those of us who show progress. Proficient scores are what we want, but showing growth means they are learning in reading and math. Oh, my poor 7 year old babies, so much pressure at a young age.

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Carol said...

Gosh, I am glad to hear your hubby is getting better. Sepsis is quite serious...I don't know alot about it but my hubby does...I will ask him when he comes home about it.
Drop spindle...I have one and just can't get the knack of it...hubby picked it up and did very well..I guess I should drag it out again.