Thursday, February 12, 2009

Posh Fetching in Dancing Queen (pink)
Noro Mittens in Kochran, it has a some angora.

My new Hiya Hiya needles-#2 -9 inch circs
the jury is still out on them. I knit around with them today and my hand hurts
when I knit.It just may need some breaking in.
New pillows...yeah, clean and fresh.
The first in a series of spinning journal entries.
Day 1
It arrived!!! Unfortunately I don't have time to do anything
but take pictures, and smell it all. I am looking forward to playing.
I'm going to read the booklet first! promise I will. no, really.
read it, not just look at the pictures and absorb the directions
by osmosis.

Pigpen, aaaah, I mean husband, is home, along with the first 10 days of meds for his IV. The visiting nurse will visit tomorrow for the first hookup, then we are on our own. We got taught today----Easy Peasy.

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Carol said...

I can't wait to see what you spin..It makes me want to get mine out more and more...think I will do that tomorrow....maybe even post a picture or two..