Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Sockpixie  squishyness all in the same colorway:  The Uncertain Hour. Some BFL roving and sock weight, and merino worsted. I must have been planning some coordinated items. What was I thinking? I was on a yarn high when I ordered. I compare it to what happens to me when I walk into Marshalls. (name brand discount store for those of you deprived ones) We think it may have something to do with the sizing in the clothes.
Toe-ups with an interesting heel from Twisted Sisters. I knit up a tube then went back and cut a few stitches for the heel. So relaxing knitting round and round. I used the itty needles 9inch . I still don't know if I like them better than dbl points.
Spinning Day 3
I happened upon Abby's site and she had a spinning video. Better than the others I have looked at. Lots of dropping, 'that's why they call it a DROP spindle'. The result is much thinner, more drafting. I haven't gotten to the fun part yet. 
See Mac in the background??

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