Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday---Today we babysat our granddog, Dander for the morning. Yikes, he's always hungry! You literally can't turn your back on him. As I turned to get a roller, he jumped up and grabbed some graham crackers I was just about to make a crust with. He especially liked the recycle bin in the kitchen. He kept licking the papers and containers. I put my coffee down for a second and he went in for the kill. Dander finally calmed down around the time his parents came back to get him. Puppies are so fun. Poor Cabot was exhausted by the not-so little whipper snapper. He found Cabot's food and had his head in the bag, eating. What a sight.    

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Gnat said...

Puppies are fun and OH so cute!! How can you resist that face!!