Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday before Easter-----Why oh why did I put off food shopping to the last minute?!? I set off for the trip with list in hand  thinking it would be busy, but not crazy. I never got close enough to experience the dreaded chore...there were NO parking spaces. Every time I saw one open up another car zoomed in. ugh. After 5 minutes of that I went home.  I did put that anger to good use. I vacuumed,  set the table, and threw out some long standing crapola. All that in 1 hour.   Maybe by 4 it will settle down. Time will tell.

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Sarah, The New Girl said...

oh my goodness-- look at that face!!!!! What a sweet looking puppy :) He does look tired.

Haha funny stories about the dog sitting! Dogs are so full of personality!