Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Minime has decided. It's UMass Amherst.  
I'm glad the drama is over. All along I have been gently pushing her to go there and she has been refusing: it's too far, in the middle of nowhere, out in the sticks, I don't want to share a bathroom, I like my room, I have a job here, etc. We have UMass Lowell here and she was going to go there. Now she's ready to go.  
Amherst was the first college road trip we took and boy did we have fun. The pizza was great.  I'm getting a little weepy here. Minime remembers when she and I drove A to school 10 years ago. She remembers crying on the sidewalk when she realized he was going to live there. That ride home when she cried about R going in 3 years. Now it's her turn. :( and :).
Her thought now is to try it out so she won't wonder what she was missing.  She got loads of money to go there along with the Abigail Adams Award for free tuition, not fees, just tuition which equals about $1500. 
To be continued, I'm sure, many times more.

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Sarah, The New Girl said...

haha I've heard that before :)

Hopefully the "list" isn't figurative-- getting a girl and all the things she needs into a dorm room is a lot more complicated than doing the same for a boy. I had a "list" list, kept showing it to my parents to help them remember how much money they still needed to spend :) girls are so expensive!!!

that lamb dish sounds incredible!!