Thursday, May 14, 2009

Big Day!
Minime has a car. It would be better to say, I have my car back. My car and I got reacquainted and took an impromptu trip to the market. It was an experience I had almost lost touch with. Not the shopping, the taking off without asking if anyone had to get to work, go shopping, go out with friends, etc. Also, not having to rush because someone was going to work soon, going out with friends, going shopping, etc.  
Isn't it a beaute! Somewhat homely and a weird Saturn color, but Minime is happy. When she's happy, we're all happy and vise/versa. We rode in it today for the first time and she was so cute. I managed to get this photo of her while I was pretending to look out the front windshield. 
Minime wasn't my only girl to get a new ride. Cutiepatootie will be 5 on Saturday and she needs a bike. A Tinkerbell/Faries bike with training wheels and a new helmet. We'll be going there tomorrow after school to have a family birthday party. She asked me for a chocolate cake with vanilla icing. That isn't baked yet, but I have the rest of the evening.
Life is good. 


Sarah, The New Girl said...

I had that exact same saturn as my first car-- just in this awful dark burgundy/red. It treated me well!!

Good luck with that cake :)

Hit 40 said...

Congratulations!!! $$$$ Excellent.

I would have had a tear or two in my eyes.