Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day ! 
I had a wonderful day with my family. 
Remember Dander? A&K's dog. Well...
Dander is hyper dog, always hungry and never stops.
Yesterday he tested my 
Mother's Day gift for me
Unfortunately he left his
mark and was in a load 
of trouble. 
If you look at the strap 
you can see Dander's 
handiwork on my brand new Crocs!!!

So as an extra present I got a rose bush.
I told them I'll just 
wrap it with navy tape.
I can still wear them, 
only now I think of 
Dander each time I put
them on.

R is very practical when it comes to gift buying. 
We don't own an ironing board...
now we do.
We don't have many storage containers....
now we do. 
Minime got me flowers and a Green Tea/Frappe 
drink from Starbucks. It is delicious, over priced 
and probably very fattening.
J came by for a visit, a hug, and a card.
Like I said,  a wonderful Mother's day.


Carol said...

Happy Mother's day back at you..
I had a wonderful day...spent it at my daughters with my children and a lovely oriole feeder and a nice candle set for my new bedroom area....
Love your crocs....

Sarah, The New Girl said...

naughty dog!!

Sounds like a lovely mother's day, besides the strappy shoe of course!

Happy (late) Mother's Day!