Friday, May 22, 2009

Count down to Prom
2:00   get hair styled at salon
3:30   eat a baloney sandwich with mom
3:45   2, 23yr old family friends arrive to do toes and make-up
3:55   shower
4:30   toes and make-up
5:45   (yes, it took that long, to do make-up and toes)   get dressed
6:15   date comes over with his mom, 2 sisters, and sisters' friend. (so cute)
6:16   date gets asked questions by older brother
6:30   we took sooo many pictures, inside, outside, with brother, with friends, with me,                   putting on flowers
6:45   date hugs mom good-bye  (very sweet)
6:46   a few more pictures
6:48   off they go!
they took my camera, so pics later


Kathy... said...

I remember when my oldest started middle school, and my mom said "don't blink - or the next thing you know he'll be all grown up!" It is totally true -- they grow up so fast.

She's a lovely young woman...congrats!

bobbi said...

great pictures, i'm sure they had a good time.
love the dress!!!