Thursday, May 21, 2009

It may seem that Minime is taking over every waking moment...well, she is!  Today was the drama of the manicure. I had changed into cleaning clothes to sweep/clean the front porch so her prom date wouldn't trip over our crap that keeps creeping onto the front porch. Minime comes home whining about no parking at the nail place and being late for work.  I drop my broom and we drive there. I was lured into getting my nails done too! The two of us sitting side by side getting French Manicures. 
I get home to see the porch cleaned!! My R is a good boy...I'm sorry, a good man. He told me yesterday he was a grown man and he wanted his BB Gun back, damn it. R and I laughed about that statement all night. My porch is clean and I didn't have to do it. Wa-whoo!
Prom and a girl. Yikes!  The 3 boys were so easy. They didn't even want to rent a tux, they showed, dressed and that was it. All in 30 minutes or less, even the not-1-hair-out-of-place one.
Prom pics tomorrow.


Sarah, The New Girl said...

Aww, prom!!

How sweet of your son. Sweet enough for the bb gun?? Not sure... haha.

I bet the manicure was fun!! Good way to start the summer.

bobbi said...

looking forward to seeing those pics. the ones of you of course. hope it was fun!